Consumer Warning! - I have received several emails from people asking me if the NO NO Hair Remover can
be used on the pubic area to achieve a "Full Brazilian"...

...Although the NO! NO! Hair Removal System can be safely used on bikini lines and MOST parts of the pubic area, it
is important to know that the no! no! should NOT be used directly on the genitals!
Dermatologist DR. Dina Stachon Reviews the NO! NO!
NO NO Hair Removal Reviews:

The No No 8800 hair remover is being hailed as the the greatest hair removal product to ever hit the market place, it's ability to permanently remove unwanted hair from all body parts with ease and simplicity in the comfort of your own home has made the No No one of the most highly sought after products in the world. After hearing about this brand new product, I knew I just had to try it out for myself!

The first thing I should  mention is that the No No does require a small time commitment on your part. Based on my own experience I found it best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use it a minimum of three times on a weekly basis for about 20 minutes each time.

If you miss out on some of the required sessions the results may be somewhat inconsistent and may not meet your expectations, so have some patience and follow the instructions and you will achieve excellent results as I did!

During your first session with the No! No! you might notice the faint odor of smoldering hair, however, you do not need to be alarmed by this as it is a natural part of the hair removal process and is due to the fact that you are likely using it on longer hair vs stubble, which brings me to an interesting point worth mentioning… you can use the NO NO at any stage of hair growth - from stubble to fully grown body hair, it’s up to you!

Everybody’s body chemistry is slightly different therefore not everybody will have the same results, but for me the results speak for themselves, I’ve experienced far less hair growth since using the No No hair removal system and although I still do have some re-growth, it decrease significantly with each session. The manufacturer claims that the NO NO will prevent hair growth by as much as 94% (even more in some cases) and I have no reason to dispute that claim… It’s working beautifully for me!

I’ve only been using it a few short months my legs, bikini line, and upper lip so at this point I can’t say exactly what percentage of permanent hair removal I have achieved, however, I can say that it is definitely over 75% and keeps improving with each session, I firmly believe that with continuous use I will soon be completely hair free.

Some of the most common questions are:

  • Is it painful?

  • Does it leave a rash or razor bumps?

  • Can it be used on your face?

  • Can it be used on your bikini area or your breasts?

  • Does the NO NO really work as well as they say?

Here’s what I can say from my own experience…

  • The NO NO hair removal procedure is completely painless with no mess and no hassle.

  • When used properly the NO NO does not leave any sort of heat rash or razor bumps.

  • The NO NO can be used on your face and is especially effective on sideburns and mustache growth, however it is not recommended to be used around your eyes.

  • The NO NO can be used on your bikini area but not on the genitals, it can also be used on your breasts but not on the nipples

  • The NO NO has worked beautifully for me and has saved me a lot of money and agony when compared to traditional hair removal methods such as laser, electrolysis, waxing or tweezing.

Conclusion: To achieve optimum results with the No! No! you should always keep two things in mind... First, it is best to use it three times a week for at least 4 to 5 weeks,  after these first few weeks are done you can decrease the frequency based on your rate of hair re-growth. Second, your main goal is for long term hair removal, so you must have patience and do not rush into it with too high an expectation, as the old saying goes… “Good things come to those who wait”

I have been using the No! No! hair remover for just over 2 months now and all I can say is that the results are better than I ever expected, I can't say that I am entirely hair free but definitely more than 75% of my hair growth has stopped completely.

"I love my NO! NO! and I wouldn't be without it... I’ve been waiting for this product my entire life!"

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Dianne says:

Has anybody else bought one, I'd be interested in hearing what other people have to say about it.


Anna says:

I used to own the no no classic (which is the original model) and although it worked really well on my legs, I was disappointed that I could not use it on my face or bikini line, so this past Christmas I spoiled myself and bought the new NO! NO! 8800.

Now I'm using it on my face and bikini line with excellent results, this new no no 8800 has come a long way in design features compared to the old one and it is much easier to use.

And for all you ladies like me that have hair on your upper lip this is an absolute God-Send, no more painful tweezing for me... I'm loving it!


Jennifer says:

Hello Anna & Barbara

Thanks for taking the time to post your no no hair removal reviews, I'm sure they will be very helpful for those who are still sitting on the fence.

Like you, I also have annoying hair growth on my lip (I hate calling it a mustache, but "it is what it is") and I agree that the no! no! is a "God-Send"

No more standing 2 inches from the mirror plucking away for what seems like an eternity, Just for that reason alone the no! no! is worth every cent!

God Bless,
~ Jennifer

Sandra says:

Does anybody know if the no no can be used on a man's back, my husband gets me to shave his back and I was thinking that the no no might be a good solution.


Mike says:

Hi Sandra,

I am an amateur bodybuilder and I'm required to be hairless during competition, I can tell you that the NO NO 8800 works great for full body hair removal, I use it on my legs, arms, chest, back, face and bikini line, (pretty much my entire body)

So the answer to your question is a definite YES! it will remove the hair from your husband's back.

I hope that helps.


Sandra says:

Thank you Mike for your reply... Guess what my husband's getting for his upcoming birthday ;-)


Jennifer says:


That's an excellent birthday gift, I hope he enjoys it, or should I say "you", since you'll be the one using it on him... hee hee

Anyway, this discussion made me realize that the no no hair removal system is not only perfect for women but men can enjoy the benefits as well


Thank you for your reply, it was very kind of you to take the time to share your experience... Good Luck in your competitions

God Bless
~ Jennifer

Mike says:

You're welcome, I'm glad I could help!


Christine says:

Is the no no sold in stores, like Walmart or Walgreens?

I'm a little hesitant about giving out my credit card details online.


Jennifer says:

Hello Christine,

Unfortunately the no! no! is not available in stores, however that's not a bad thing, it's part of the reason why they are able to sell it at such an affordable price, I remember reading somewhere that if it were sold in stores it would cost about $100 more because of the extra retail mark-up involved.

As far as your credit card details are concerned, I wouldn't worry about that if I were you, they have sold over 2,000,000 units via credit cards and and their ordering process is very secure... no issues there!

God Bless
~ Jennifer

Christine says:

Thanks Jennifer for clearing that up, I just ordered...

They have a really sweet deal going on right now that includes some really nice bonuses :-)

I can't wait to start using it.

Jennifer says:

You are quite welcome Christine... I know you're going to love it!

God Bless
~ Jennifer

Kim says:

Hi everyone

I was searching online for no no hair removal reviews and I stumbled upon this website, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody ifor the valuble information you have all provided, it really helped me to make up my mind,

I just finished placing my order and just like Christine said above, they have a great deal going on right now that includes free skin softening cream, a really nice carrying case and a $100 gift card, plus they let you try it risk free for 60 days and if your not satified they will refund your money 100% including the shipping & handling as well as the return postage.

They must have a lot of faith in their product to be able to offer such an amazing guarantee, I don't no why anyone would hesitate to buy it... you really have nothing to lose.


Jennifer says:

Hello Kim,

Thank you for your kind words...I guarantee you'r going to love your new NO! NO!, it really is an amazing hair remover, let us know how you like it.

And thank you to all who have posted your no no hair removal reviews... keep em' coming

God Bless
~ Jennifer
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no no hair removal reviews

no no hair removal reviews

Barbara says:

I did a lot of research and read numerous no no hair removal reviews, some were good and some were not so good, so I figured that the only way I would know for sure if the no no was right for me would be to try it for myself.

My intention was to give it  honest try for 60 days and if it didn't work for me I would just return it as per their 60 day risk free guarantee.

I'm glad to report that the no! no! has lived up to it's claim and I am very impressed with the results so far... I will definitely be keeping it!